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Here are some of the projects we've worked on recently.
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Creating a Culture of Servant Leadership
With the influx of millennials into the workforce, expectations of leadership have shifted drastically. Just two decades ago, we used to see leadership coming from the top down - one person sat atop the pyramid (in a nice suit, no less) and passed his ideas down through twenty-something floors of divisions, departments and sadly, disconnection among them all.
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Top Finance Metrics You Should Be Tracking
In the world of business, it is common practice to rely on accountants to keep track of revenue-generating activities and evaluating them periodically. However, it's wise for business leaders in the tech world to track certain metrics directly -- especially at certain benchmarks throughout the year.
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Women in Business: How to Approach Fundraising With Investors
There is still an enormous gap in funding opportunities for female founders. Without glossing over this reality, it's worthwhile to discuss how female founders can leverage different approaches when navigating fundraising. For Palo Alto Software.
Where Do Accountants Fit In with Startups?
Everyone dreams of getting in on the ground floor of a startup, but how do they engage accounting services and, moreover, how do startups, start up?
Oregon Tech Employers Look to Apprenticeships to Build Local Skills
Like tech employers everywhere, Sabrina Parsons is scrambling to find employees from all walks of life who have the skills her company needs, in this case to build online software tools for small businesses. For Palo Alto Software.
Five Traps To Avoid The First Time You Meet An Investor
Being a tech entrepreneur means you're faced with constant change that demands smart adapting. There are more acronyms than anyone can keep track of, and there's always something new and better just around the corner. For Palo Alto Software.
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4 Ways to Create More Authentic Marketing That Builds Customer Loyalty
Attempting to get attention from retail customers, let alone loyalty, is a huge challenge in today's marketplace. Consumers are bombarded with messages constantly, leaving little to no room for a compelling message that "sticks." For Live Shop Cast.
Small Business Accounting Trends for 2018
In 2017, small business accounting continued down its righteous path to the cloud, increased industry automation, and stretched its integration muscles. This lessened the daily workload of business owners and gave accountants more time to focus on the important stuff, like forecasting and consulting. For Palo Alto Software.
Understanding the Connection Between Going Back to School and Adolescent Anxiety
As summer winds down and returning to school becomes an unavoidable reality, many teenagers are experiencing a rush of varied emotions. For THIRA Health.
Seattle 'passive house' design firm is tops in North America
Passive-house design is a super-green building technique that relies on extra insulation and high-performance windows. It can cut heating and cooling loads by 90 percent. For Interact NK Archictects.
Why Tech Founders Need Lean Planning
Today's tech founders are used to moving quickly, which is partly why the traditional business plan model is often set aside in favor of a more efficient route. For Palo Alto Software.
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Media Coverage: Thought Leadership
Part of a thought leadership campaign for Startup Angels that involved ghost-writing, media pitching, and placement.
Media Coverage: Thought Leadership
Part of a series of thought leadership content placed with targeted outlets and blogs.
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Partnership Launch Coverage
Taqtile Mobility needed help pitching their news around a new partnership with the PGA Tour. This was a fun campaign that leveraged a unique blend of audiences: the sporting world and virtual reality.
Media: Green Building Industry
We managed ongoing media relationships and opportunities for a leading green building client. This coverage reflects their recent award as the top firm in the nation for Passive Home design.
Media Coverage: Thought Leadership
This campaign supported the executive team at Startup Weekend with ghost-writing, PR outreach, and placement in a variety of publications.
Media Coverage: Thought Leadership
Part of a series of thought leadership content placed with targeted outlets and blogs.
Media Coverage: Mobile App
Local Seattle startup uZoom conducted a soft-launch of their mobile live-streaming app during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. This campaign yielded unique footage that we were able to leverage for media coverage.
Media Coverage: Thought Leadership
Part of a series of thought leadership content placed with targeted outlets and blogs.
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Techstars Gift Guide
An interactive collection of companies in the Techstars portfolio that have something unique for gift-givers this holiday season.
Need gifts? Take a look!
Techstars Impact Report
2016 was a huge year for Techstars. They celebrated their 10 year anniversary, over 100 exits, 1,000 companies in their portfolio, and over 10,000 created jobs. We helped them celebrate in style.
Product Review: Real Estate CE
We conceived, researched, wrote, designed, and launched this microsite comparing and contrasting Continuing Education options for Realtors for one of our clients.
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Global Startup Battle
The biggest early stage startup competition in the world. 200+ events in over 80 countries and a video contest with 200,000 voters and 2.4 billion impressions! (We even did the infographic!)
The official GSB Recap
Thira Health
Dr. Moore and her team are a pleasure to work with. We helped them refresh their brand, build a new website, get a content strategy going, and place them in the press regularly.
We worked with hot local startup, Metricstory to develop a new website, new copy, positioning statements, calls to action, as well as a light design refresh with new custom graphics to bring their site into alignment with their product and lay the foundation for the content marketing efforts they are ramping up this year.
A product of Cove Labs, ScreenChecker is still in beta, but they're set to launch in early 2018 with an AI powered application for marketers and product people. We developed the site and overseeing the app development and launch.
ATLS by Olystic
Olystic came to us up against a conference and needing a landing page FAST. We worked with them in just over a week to position the product clearly, create a new logo, and launch a super-scroller site with all the key info, all in time for the show!
Fremont Health Club
Fremont Health Club wanted a website that could not only tell the world about their amazing community gym, but also allow new potential customers to sign up for a trial and for current members to book courses online.
Fluency Tracker
A speech pathologist is working to help her patients more effectively. We're working with her to create an app she can use with her patients.
Build it for Life
We were honored when Rebecca came to us wanting to build an online home to match her amazing service and infectious personality. We built her site and blog, created a new logo and color scheme and coached her on content and social media direction.
A local music club needed a place to log their sessions. They turned to us to come up with something simple that looked great and was easy for them to manage.
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